5 Powerful Linkedin Tips That Can Enhance Your Visibility

With hundreds of millions of people using the professional networking site, LinkedIn is a great tool to enhance your job search. Whether you're new to the site or you've been using it for years, reassessing your efforts and taking new steps to improve profile quality can be a big help to your job search.

1.  Take Advantage of People Search

IT World Canada reported that while it may seem overwhelming to start your efforts on LinkedIn, using the People Search can help you track thousands of users and connect with the ones you know. This feature includes a large number of filters that can help whittle down your options, from location to industry to educational history, and allow you a better opportunity to find people you've worked or studied alongside. 

2.  Update Your Skills Hub Frequently
Just as important as tracking down new users, it is also important to update your profile with new skills regularly. The skills hub allows for you to target your job search around specific skills that can help determine how popular it is throughout your industry of choice. You may find that your skills are a bit outdated, which can give you inspiration to get back into new educational or certification classes, or that they're popular in a career move you may not have expected. If you don't search, though, you'll never know.

3.  Use Company Search to Discover New Opportunities
The news source added that you may even be able to discover entirely new job openings if you look in the right places. Another recent LinkedIn feature that was improved is the "Company Search," which monitors the different types of companies that are popular or hiring in any given industry. By selecting "companies" from the website's search options, you can narrow results by location, industry, size and current job openings. You can also follow these employers on the site to regularly gain new information about potential updates, industry news and even new job listings.

4.  Apply Directly to Jobs through LinkedIn
In some cases, you can even apply to certain positions directly using LinkedIn. A new plugin on the service introduced last year can link a job opening to a company's website, and it can even auto-fill an application using your profile's information. Upon opening the plugin, a screen allows you to make any edits necessary to make sure you're putting yourself in the best possible position, then gives you a chance to add a cover letter. After your edits are complete and the application has been submitted, you can even get a chance to message anyone in your network who works there, or even the hiring manager himself or herself, to get any additional perspective you need.

5.  Are you an expert? Prove it!
If you have a lot of experience in a subject, whether you're educated or have years of work history, you can use LinkedIn to advertise this fact, according to The Globe and Mail. The website increasingly features articles written by members of its services on its main page, often tailor-sent to people who are in similar industries to your own. By either entering the comment sections of these articles, posting your own to the website or joining groups tailor-made for your experience, you can get better recognition among industry leaders. This will help you in multiple ways, not only boosting your image and getting your name in front of more people but possibly even helping you gain more subscribers.
Even if you think your profile is perfect, there's always LinkedIn's recommendations. Whether you simply need to update one facet of your profile or announce a big change in your career, LinkedIn makes it easy to do so.