What's Our #1 Tip for Job Searching Millennials? Be Yourself!

Millennials entering the job market for the first time may not know exactly what does and doesn’t work when writing a resume or during an interview. However, most job search experts believe simply being yourself will likely be the best policy for any applicant.

The Globe and Mail reports that you can communicate your strengths better when you are yourself whether you're looking for a life-long career or jumping into the job market for the first time. Describing the best ways you work with other people and skills you consider most important to your career, will be big points of emphasis when you're looking for work, regardless of your previous experience.

Another key to the job search is being able to match the tone of the person you're speaking to. Cover letters and interviews need a more direct and professional tone than typical conversations. As a result, it's important to consider the message and emphasis of your writing to ensure it remains high-quality. Enthusiasm and a willingness to help the company in any way, shape or form are good ways to start. Emphasizing your strengths during those introductory moments will also benefit the way you represent yourself to a company for the first time.

Meet recruiting efforts halfway

Many recruiters are shifting their efforts to better attract Millennials, according to Entelo, and applicants can meet the market halfway by following their leads. The news source reports that as many as 80 per cent of Millennials use social media networks every day and recruiters are therefore increasing their efforts of using these websites for sourcing candidates. Whether a person uses Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn as the focus of their social media search emphasis, recruiters are increasingly adopting all of these resources.

Recruiters are also working to appeal to what they call the values of Millennial workers. In the current market, these workers are less likely to focus on large salaries and will likely instead place emphasis on personal values. More than 80 per cent of Millennials rank making a difference in the world higher than receiving professional recognition. By understanding these values, many recruiters are working on making their companies stand out from the pack, exposing how their daily efforts are helping to make the world a better place.

Be willing to take orders

Millennials are confident, ready and willing to enter the market, but the Globe and Mail recommends that workers shouldn't be afraid to ask for help in the job search if necessary. In addition, it is always important to thank your interviewers and anyone who may help you out along the way as well.

In the event that your dream job isn't immediately available, don't fret. No job is permanent and many experts believe taking what's available to you at a certain time will be a positive stepping stone. Any job can help you gain valuable experience, learn more about yourself and develop your skills. Even if your current situation isn't ideal, things may quickly improve, and in the meantime you'll be able to save for the future and even potentially open up a new career path for yourself.