Want a More Social Job Search? LinkedIn is Your Best Bet

If you're looking for a new job, it's critical that you have a presence on LinkedIn. Marketwatch reported that as many as 93 percent of hiring managers search the social career-based website for recruits, which means lacking a presence on the site may not be your best bet. However, in doing so, make sure that you consider the best practices, many of which can help your perception in a hiring managers' eyes.

The first thing that a recruiter will consider when they look at your profile will be the general information that appears when your name comes up as a search result. This means that a detailed profile with plenty of pertinent job history and experience will mean nothing if, for example, you're applying for jobs in Vancouver but your profile says you're currently living in Toronto. Your bio will include your current title, industry and location, and being as specific as possible in relation to your current search efforts will pay off. This means that, if possible, tightening up your title is a good idea. Vague positions are okay, but hyper-specific titles will be much more relevant to hiring managers.

At the same time, you shouldn't just throw up some information and expect the job offers to flow in. Instead, you may want to become involved in industry-related profiles. Hiring professionals are common in career-based groups and blogs, and they'll pay off even better if you want to get on a recruiter's radar. If you can join a discussion with relevant information and posts, do so. That will build your reputation before someone even sees your profile.

Enables expanded access to your profile
If you're not using LinkedIn, you will minimize the chance of a recruiter stumbling across your profile and being seen by those in burgeoning markets. According to IT World Canada, while page traffic on LinkedIn rose by 13 percent in the first quarter of 2014, mobile traffic grew by 30 percent. More and more recruiters are using mobile searches on the road, whether they're looking at an app while traveling or vetting applicants after or even during a job fair. As such, a good LinkedIn presence will expand the amount of people who can access your profile.

There are also new features that will help you see exactly who's looking at you and help guide future decisions. Specifically, the "Who's Viewed My Profile" feature was expanded through a dashboard, allowing members more opportunities to see who's interested in their information and connect with more people in the process, including recruiters and staffing agencies. You may find interest in your abilities from an industry you've never considered before.

Connections outweigh endorsements
MarketWatch added that recruiters are less concerned about your endorsements and more interested in seeing how your connections have grown in time, especially in your endorsements. This means that it's always helpful to make honest recommendations of others' skills on their walls, which can likely lead to improved recommendations on your wall in return.
Overall, it is important to remain truthful and fair about your experience on your profile. If possible, show results of your efforts from previous positions. Showing, along with telling, is a tried and true strategy to maintaining a great presence on LinkedIn.