How to Survive Any Interview, No Matter the Situation

Preparing for an interview should start by knowing what you will be able to bring to the job itself, the Alberta Learning Information Service explains. Through the expectations of the job that you are applying for, you will have a starting point for where your strengths, values and needs align with the organization and position. Differentiating your value and skill set shouldn’t be too difficult. By reviewing the job posting and finding specific needs in the organization that you will meet will bring added value to your conversations once you're face to face with your interviewer.
Another way to prepare for an interview is to create a list of specific accomplishments from your work history, no matter how large or small the merit was. By evaluating your accomplishments, you can prepare yourself for any questions the interviewer may ask that relate directly to the position.

Practice with friends and family
After you have aligned your accomplishments but before you enter the actual interview, practice interviewing with friends or family. Communication is key to a successful interview and your potential hiring manager will want to know if you can hold a conversation as well as if your personality and work ethic mesh well with the company. By working from specific points you expect the interview to cover, you can target your answers to what you think they'll want to hear while still being yourself. Recording these sessions can also help your interviewing skills as you can hear how your answers sound and improve them before entering the real interview.

One of the more personal aspects of the interview is simply that you should remain positive. It's natural to feel anxious, but staying confident when you head into the interview will improve the quality of your answers and therefore your interviewer's opinion of you. Staying positive can be easy - simply remember that the employer only wants to know if you're the right person for the job by getting to know who you are.

Working through multiple interviews
The nature of the interviewing beast is that in many situations, you'll be considered for multiple positions at once. In this situation, it may seem like there's a lot of potential to mix up interviews, but it's easier than expected to prepare for every situation. Careerbuilder Canada recommends that you first create an interview plan, or a worksheet with important dates, times and company information. This can help you arrange information you learn during research. You can also better guide your approach to each company by contrasting what each will find most important. Being organized is the best way to prepare yourself.

It can seem overwhelming to stay on top of multiple interviews at one time. To ensure that every interview goes well, giving you the best chances at finding a job, it's important to stay focused on the single task at hand. Consult your interview plans often, making sure you're ready for each specific situation you're entering. Doing so will help you prepare yourself mentally, giving you the best chance at a successful interview.