Managed Resources

Access scalable workforce solutions to keep your work on time and on budget. Aerotek’s Managed Resources offering can help you overcome headcount constraints, maximize workforce output and boost your management capacity.

Under a statement of work agreement, we can partner with you to manage your contract workforce toward quality and volume goals. You’ll gain access to top-quality talent plus training, logistics management and day-to-day oversight, allowing you to optimize your workforce productivity — and ultimately realize savings.


You can receive Managed Resources support for industrial and professional work. We have specific experience in:

  • Remote Workforce
  • Customer Support
  • Facilities Management
  • Industrial Maintenance

Remote Workforce

Whether you’re exploring alternative delivery options, dealing with a surge in work volume or facing space or talent constraints, a fully managed remote workforce might be the best answer. We have the expertise to effectively acquire, onboard and manage a remote workforce to accomplish your goals — while you maintain visibility and oversight of the work.

Under a Managed Resources model, we will take on the functions of project set-up and execution, including helping with technology and asset procurement and distribution. We can work with you to define meaningful KPIs to measure team performance — and then help drive it through training, coaching and formal reviews. With robust reporting options, you’ll retain full visibility into project and team performance.

Customer Support

Providing high-quality customer support is increasingly critical for company success — but that doesn’t mean it’s a function you need to own. Many companies turn to service providers to control costs and preserve management capacity but find they lose too much control and visibility.

How can you keep a pulse on customer satisfaction while managing your support function efficiently? Our Customer Support offering helps you deliver cost-effective customer service while meeting quality goals and maintaining visibility. We can take on the burden of setting up your support program and hiring, onboarding and managing contract representatives while you focus on accomplishing strategic goals.

Facilities Management

Access a cost-effective solution for handling daily facility operations, from hiring and supervising staff to managing scheduling and equipment. You’ll gain highly skilled talent and workforce productivity.

With experience in hospitals, industrial manufacturing facilities, universities and academic medical centers, we have the expertise to meet your specific compliance and operational needs. We provide a range of services, including facilities management, environmental and janitorial services and project management, and resources such as technicians and supply personnel.

Industrial Maintenance

You want to ensure your manufacturing plant or distribution center gets the maintenance support you need — when you need it. We can help improve your capacity by providing top-quality talent and managing a skilled workforce to maintain electrical, mechanical, HVAC and automation systems.

You’ll reap the benefit of enhanced workforce efficiency and robust reporting to help you gain visibility into and maintain control of the big-picture priorities. Through customized onboarding and robust site and safety training, contract employees will quickly become assets to your business.

Enhanced Onboarding

We work with you to customize processes to enhance the employee experience. Through providing an introduction to your company’s culture, policies and procedures or coordinating requests for system access and badging, we go the extra mile to assure employees are productive from day one. Our approach, tailored to your needs, is designed to help contract employees successfully onboard and quickly adapt to your unique environment.

Logistical Services

We can help save you time and money by handling the asset acquisition, management and tracking needed for your Aerotek resources. Through our expansive footprint, we can procure and secure work space for our project teams. Depending on your project, we can provide personal protective equipment (PPE), travel management, tools, hardware and more. Leave the non-critical daily activities to us.


Our robust reporting options enable you to monitor your budget, resource plan and our performance towards criteria outlined in a SOW’s deliverables. Depending on your needs, our reporting can provide analysis of attrition and retention trends, time-to-fill ratios, purchase order (PO) tracking and forecasting, resource performance and more.

Performance Optimization

We understand the importance of a structured performance management program. We will work with you to define the key performance indicators of Aerotek’s employees and help optimize their productivity through coaching, skill development, increased visibility and formal reviews. In addition to our resource performance optimization, our management team conducts quarterly and annual business reviews to ensure our overall performance as an organization is meeting and exceeding your expectations.
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Knowledge Capture & Transfer

We proactively document and retain knowledge as employees move in and move on to other projects. We have methodologies in place to ensure that this knowledge is transferred to new employees as they are onboarded, and that all project intelligence is transitioned to you as engagements close out.


Whether it is recapturing assets, transferring knowledge, obtaining employee feedback or performing exit references — let us take on these responsibilities so you don’t have to.

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