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Stepping Up: Workforce Practices That Raise the Bar on Business Performance

Quite often, we hear from companies that are challenged to align their talent practices to support their business outcomes. Attracting and retaining skilled and engaged workers is imperative in this effort. Our parent company Allegis Group has developed a report titled, “Stepping Up: Workforce Practices Thar Raise the Bar on Business Performance”.


Based on research and findings from a survey of 1,000+ employers and nearly 7,000 candidates globally, the report explores issues and opportunities related to: job definitions, sourcing, screening, and onboarding. As well as correlations between employers who embrace best practices and the level of engagement amongst workers who experience those best practices as candidates and employees.


The report highlights the significance of:

  • Optimising job definitions and their resulting descriptions to set the stage for positive employee relationships
  • Aligning sourcing strategies to connect with talent on their teams
  • Treating onboarding as the foundation of a great employee relationship


Additionally, the report reveals paths towards stronger employer and employee relationships and an improved talent acquisition strategy. For instance, top talent organisations say they always:

  • Ensure job opportunities are promoted internally (80%)
  • Align job descriptions with an onboarding 30/60/90-day plan (72%)
  • Take steps to eliminate bias during screening (89%)
  • Engage new hires in a community of peers (72%)


Download the report it is a great way to gain insight and move your talent strategy conversations forward.